Hy everybody and welcome to my first post on this blog. Our topic today is going to be about skincare. During the last couple of months I really had problem with my skin. I started to have a lot of acne on my jawline and basically on all places where I use to putting my bronzer so I thought that the bronzer is main problem but it wasn’t. Becaus of acnes I started to using some new product which helped my skin a lot so I am really happy to share them with you hoping it will maybe help you too.  Reminder: every one of us has diffrent skin so keep in mind that product that helped me may not help you but it’s worth trying.



CLINIQUE liquid facial soap mild

This product I use to wash my skin and get rid of all makeup and dirt that you have on your skin at the end of the day. It leaves skin really nice and soft and I must be honest that I never had soft skin like this after using any other product. It really cleans your skin but at the same time it is really gentil and suitable for sensitive skin as mine. It’s on a little bit pricier side but it’s definitely worh it.


GARNIER Micellar Cleansing Water

This is for sure my life saver. I really love removing my eye makeup with it beacuse it’s really gentil and removes makeup so so easily. It pretty affordable and it really last a long time so my  recommendations.


LA ROCHE – POSAY cicaplas blaume

So this is soothing repairing balm and the main reason I am using this it’s becaus I have dermatitis and this is something what really helps me especially during the cold winter days.


FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra repaire cream

This is is also suitable for skin that suffers from dermatitis. It’s really light but at the same time nourishing and moisturizing.


MIXA foaming cleansing cream

I use this product in the morning because it’s really good for skin that is fighting whith redness. You can also use this at night after you clean your face from makeup to smooth and calm your skin.


So guys that’s it for my first post. I hope you find it interesting and see you in next post. Until then follow me on my Instagram.



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